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For Machinery Design
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Meeting Challenges For Machinery Design

30 years of innovation, development and optimization for mechanical design gives iCAD the power, the ease of use, and the features necessary to be your design tool from conceptual design to manufacturing.

iCAD makes your initial design work as easy as using the back of a napkin. You can start with your basic ideas, play with alternative approaches, and make refinements when and where you need.

iCAD allows for an iterative design approach. It gives you the tools to be efficient in each phase of the design process and on any size of design. The design environment integrates mechanical, electrical, and control system designs into a single project. Because iCAD is efficient, optimized, and tailored to machinery design, it allows design, analysis and verification on an individual assembly station, a production line, or an entire production facility.

iCAD is Ultra-fast CAD

iCAD SX provides designers of industrial machinery with a comprehensive design environment that begins with the initial conceptual design and continues through the production and maintenance phases. Conceptual design is fast. It is simple to develop the initial conceptual design and to experiment with variations. iCAD SX allows engineers to develop additional details when and where they need them. This design flexibility allows engineers to focus on their most important work at each step of the design cycle.

iCAD SX’s Ultra-fast CAD Engine is optimized for industrial machinery. The engineer can continue working in a single, comprehensive design environment even as the detailed design grows to 10s of thousands and 100s of thousands of parts. This ability allows engineers to analyze and verify large-scale designs before going into production as well as to maintain the designs through the entire product lifecycle.

iCAD SX gives your projects a single, integrated, consistent design & engineering environment from cradle-to-grave. It supports industrial designers from the initial back-of-the-napkin design, through production, and finally to the end-of-life of the project.

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iCAD is based in Tokyo, Japan with offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu, Japan.


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