Why music is great for kids

It is nearly impossible to find out a person who dislikes music. I say “Nearly impossible” because there is always an exception, even for the most natural thing. Music soothes our mind, refresh us when are exhausted, comforts us when we are distressed, makes us happy when we are sad, energize us when we are sick. The list can be endless, but the basic thing is that music is an essential component of our well being. The choice of music varies from person to person, but when it comes to the kids, the adults make the basic choice of the music that they listen.


A child can be a great connoisseur of music or can be a simple one who sings the solos at the shower, but it is sure that the child will have great benefits through some form of music education. According to a research, the learning of the “do-the-remix” music lessons actually help children to excel in their life much more than the basic ABCs.

It has been proved that music education facilitates the learning of other subjects and at the same time enhances the skills that the child uses in other areas. According to the Executive Director of the National Association of Music Merchants, the music rich experience for children consisting of singing, listening as well as moving is actually resulting in serious benefits for the children as they move on into formal learning. [Read more...]

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Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” This statement was his weekly signoff while as host of “American Top 40.” 14241334407_d36988631d_oEarly Career and College:

He was born in Kemal Amen. Casey grew up and spent most of his childhood life at a Lebanese household found in Detroit, Michigan. Case made a debut in the radio industry whilst in high school. He then proceeded to studying radio broadcasting at Wayne State University. Casey then made several appearances in radio and played roles in shows such as The Lone Ranger. Later in 1952 Kasem joined the U.S. Army. This is where he grew into an great broadcaster as well as dj for a radio station in Korea for the Armed Forces.

Kasem and The American Top 40:

He then returned from Korea and spent the following two decades finding his way to America’s national prominent radio broadcaster. In 1970, he partnered with his old time friend Don Bustany then a Hollywood producer into production of a countdown show that was loosely based on the early 1940’s and 50s hit show known as Your Hit Parade. The result of this was the debut of America’s top show dubbed “American Top 40”later on July 4th 1970 being aired in over 7 radio stations. (808) 245-8256

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siphon slide

Are you a fan of music? Do you like and listen to classic rock songs? If so then this article is meant for you. I sampled the 5 great classic rock songs that for a long time now have remained fans favorite. By the way this isn’t just a list; it’s a list of the great classic rock songs of all time. It means by appearing on the list the songs met all our requirements for ranking. Which is the one criterion we used to select them? Well, this can be answered with another question. Imagine that you were leaving on Desert Island, which 5 great songs would you have to take with you?

It may sound easy but really, this list undoubtedly has the greatest songs that come time and again, you will not get sick listening to them. This narrows down the list, doesn’t it? We will begin from the 5 down to the first one. It’s better that way.

5. “Cocaine” Eric Clapton, 1977

J.J Cale’s song’s cover was recorded in 1976.”Cocaine” was afterwards released into the industry as a single track in 1980.This classic rock song is widely acclaimed as one of the top classic rock songs by Clapton. It’s definitely one of the greatest songs ever released. Its lyrics are so cool, the guitar lick is awesome. This song’s live versions are astonishingly even cooler. The only perhaps uncool reason is that Clapton won’t play this song anymore because he says it somewhat promotes drug use. This sounds weird right? But look, several people who have never given coke a thought still like the song. 4795300910

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Female Musicians With Great Style

The female musicians have been the ones taking the lead in the world of music; this has been justified by their vocal cords that are unique and so attracting to the ears listening. They are the space to be watched by their male counterparts. The great female artists have depicted that great style with top-notch singing. They are making the industry so fame with the desirable singing styles. There is a long list of Female Musicians with Great Style throughout the history and everyone admire them but among them, there are those who are currently causing cultivating and a sartorical stir. There are many of them, both hugely famous and also in fringes of fame all over the world and they have an individual style which is unique and fantastic.

Among those Female Musicians with Great Style, Gwen Stefani who was one of the original rock star style idols and at the same time she is a veteran of the music biz and rumors of a new No doubt album which is coupled with her continued success with her best clothing line which it solidify her as much a trend setter at this time as she was back in the year 1990’s when she was rocking oversized crop tops and Adidas pants. Gwen Stefani is a great mix of tomboy chic and glamour with her platinum blonde hair, baggy trousers and blood-red lips. She had a style evolution which it has been a colorful journey from braces and bubblegum pink locks to over the top Harajuku chic.  She’s also known to have amazing hair which can include crazy curls that can only be obtained by using a curling wand.

Florence Welch is another Female Musicians with Great Style and she has some serious pipes and she makes people to listen to her cosmic love song. `Apart from her melodious voice, she also has a bright red hair and penchant for dramatic ensembles. She has her style weapons which include: caftans, capes and kimono sleeves.  She not only looks amazing but she has phenomenal oil free hair that can only be obtained by using the right shampoos.

Nicki Minaj is another female artist who came from nowhere but when she performed in the year 2010 during American Music Award when she was wearing a crazy amazing manish Arora ribcage dress, she became famous again and someone to watch. She had a street-wear aesthetic, bold prints and favoring bright colors which were mixed with avant garde tastes.

Samantha Fox is among them, she is a pop star and model with some edge. Before becoming a star in the music industry, she sold boatloads of records, but the boys of her generation knew her mainly because of her risqué posters for sale at the back of hair metal magazines.

Among the Female Musicians with Great Style is Alicia keys, who have made the transformations from aspiring singer- songwriter to a Grammy Award winning musician and among the celebrated actress. In honor of what she was named as one of ELLE’s women music, she is remembered of her top fashion moments.

In conclusion, there are female musicians with great styles that have put the world of music into a mark. They are many of them that are talented and they posses fantastic music with styles that are amazing. They can articulate their voice into lyrics that then creates rhythm which it lastly enhances musicality.


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