Town of Batavia Comprehensive Plan


History:                Adopted on March 28, 2007, the Comprehensive Plan is an update to the plan adopted in 1993. This plan also took into consideration the 1967 Batavia Area Plan.


Purpose:              To guide local officials, during the following 10-15 years, in decision making regarding the future of the Town. The plan is comprehensive and all other Town plans are formed in marriage with it.


Focus:                   Current and Future Land Use; Natural Resources and Environmental Protection; Agricultural and Farmland; Housing and Residential Development; Business and                                                                                 Economic Development; Transportation and Infrastructure; Community Services and Recreation; and an Implementation Strategy.


Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan


History:                In 2008, the Town of Batavia initiated the process of preparing an Agricultural & Farmland Protection Plan that would implement the recommendations of the             Comprehensive Plan. After public/landowner meetings, farmer interviews, collaboration with relevant agencies and organizations, and public hearings, the Town of Batavia submitted their plan to the Genesee County Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board. With some modifications, the Town’s plan was found to be written in accordance with the Genesee County Agricultural & Farmland Protection Plan (adopted November 14, 2001) and was approved by the County           on November 1, 2011. The Town of Batavia adopted the plan in December 2011.


Purpose:              To identify areas in the Town to be protected for agricultural use and develop strategies for providing that protection.


Focus:                   Protection – Proportion of prime agricultural soils; long term viability of existing farms; relationship of farms and signification natural resources; and development                                        pressure.


Genesee County Central Corridor Plan


History:                The City and Town of Batavia includes the convergence of four major state highways, the NYS Thruway, Thruway Exit, county and local roads. With the recent development of large business parks and local plans anticipating future growth, the City and Town of Batavia initiated the Genesee County Central Corridor Plan to plan for the transportation needs of the area. The Genesee County Central Corridor Plan was adopted in September 2011.


Purpose:              To examine current and planned conditions, identify opportunities and constraints, and develop recommendations and strategies for future transportation and land use improvements that will encourage sustainable development and protect Batavia’s quality of life.


Focus:                   Shared vision; consensus among diverse stakeholders; expand multi-modal transportation; aging-in-place development practices; transportation design strategies; enhance area connectivity; long-term economic viability; and       preserving farmland and open space resources.



The following are the associated PDF file documents that are part of this process:

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ag farm protection plan

TM3Fianl4-18-08 (Route 63 corridor Final Report)

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Final Report_Complete Document Sept 2011_FULL_ROAD

Batavia_Community_Inventory_and_Analysis_Report scarabaeus

Draft Final Batavia Athletic Field Analysis

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FINAL Batavia Sewer Capacity Report (Jan 2015)

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Genesee County AHMP

GC_Comp_Plan Genesee_County_Smart_Growth_Plan___2013_Update_Adopted


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Design_Priorities_and_Principles_Report Batavia_Community_Inventory_and_Analysis_Report

ag farm protection plan


TM3Fianl4-18-08 (Route 63 corridor Final Report)